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Coffee Bags Construction

Coffee Bags - Construction

Our coffee bags are crafted from higher-quality materials designed to stand up to almost any use you can think of. This helps keep your coffee – or other goodies – fresher, longer.

Coffee Bags Sizes

Coffee Bags - Sizes

Three convenient, popular sizes that fit almost every need. Choose from the smaller ½ pound size as well as the larger 1 pound and 5 pound coffee bag sizes.

Coffee Bags Colors

Coffee Bags - Colors

No matter what your packaging requirements, our boldly colored coffee bags are sure to make an impression. From the classic tan kraft paper coffee bag to vividly colored coffee bags, there’s one just right for you.

Coffee Bag Uses

Coffee Bags - Uses

Our customers tell us that coffee bags are not just for coffee anymore. These handy paper bags have a wide variety of uses – explore your creativity, or borrow some of our ideas.

Burlap Jute Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags - Authentic Burlap and Jute

Real burlap bags used by coffee farmers around the world to package and export their green coffee beans. These coffee bags are made of a special woven fabric called “Jute”. There are many creative and unique uses for these burlap coffee bags.

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