Popular Types of Coffee Bags

The Best Types Of Coffee Bags For Your Brewing Needs.

There are many, many types of coffee bags. Most coffee bags are imported using barrels, sacks, or burlap bags of coffee. After the coffee is roasted, however, is when things get interesting. Since roasted coffee gives off carbon dioxide gas for some time after it’s roasted, a very popular option for packaging fresh-roasted coffee is in one-way, heat-sealed valve bags.

Heat Sealable Foil Coffee Bags

Heat Sealable Foil Coffee Bags

Heat sealable bags for coffee are typically constructed out of a metallized plastic, vinyl, or foil-type material. This forms a very strong barrier against air flow (it creates a good seal, in other wordes) and protects the contents from light exposure. One the bags are sealed using a heat sealer, the bags are essentially air tight. As mentioned above, however, since fresh coffee gives off CO2 gas, a one-way valve is needed when using an “air tight” bag. This valve allows the CO2 to exit the package, but does not allow coffee-spoiling oxygen in. This vastly improves the shelf life of fresh roasted coffee (at least until you open the bag of coffee).

Foil coffee bags come in many shapes and sizes. Some common examples are stand-up pouches, bags with integrated zip-type closures, bags with one or both sides clear (neat, but not ideal for coffee freshness), and a variety of seal locations (side-seam, back-seam, etc.).

Poly-Lined Paper Coffee Bags

These bags are also extremely popular in the coffee industry. These bags are typically lined with either polypropylene (not breathable, preferred in the coffee business) or glassine (more breathable, less ideal for coffee). Paper coffee bags often have a built-in tin tie to help seal the bag somewhat (fold down and keep closed by bending the tin-tie ends down).

Burlap Coffee Bags

Bags made out of burlap or jute are typically used to transport and store green coffee (unroasted beans). There’s a significant demand for these bags outside of the coffee industry, and they are often collected to be used as decorations or to be recycled for another use.

Types of Coffee Bags